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New Release: Family Office Investor Crowd Editing

November 30, 2018

FINTRX Launches Family Office Investor Crowd Editing Technology

BOSTON, MA - The release of FINTRX Crowd Editing continues our mission to keep FINTRX alternative investment community members locked in to the most actionable set of single and multi family office data & research available. FINTRX seat holders can now leverage the steady flow of information, research and intel which is transacted daily by the FINTRX community with our global family office coverage. Crowd Editing allows our user base the ability to augment the extensive work our research team compiles daily on the global family office arena, by allowing each of our users to submit changes, additions, nuggets of information, new investment interest & general research gained by their interaction with our family offices. Users can also earn and track your FINTRX credits for each approved submission to the community, redeemable for additional seats upon certain credit thresholds. For additional information or video overviews, please click below.

Cap Hedge

Cap Hedge

Cap Hedge

Written by: Trevor Kunze

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